Contact the Division of Marketing & Communications at Texas A&M University at
979-845-4641 or find the appropriate email address below:

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General Inquiries

Directs you if you're not sure which unit within our division you need

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Provides news coverage, media relations and content strategy to highlight efforts to achieve Texas A&M's mission

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Promotes and protects the Texas A&M brand by guiding use of the university’s trademarks, names, and logos

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Brand guidelines for written and visual communications to ensure consistency in our identity, messaging and tone

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Brand Experience

Works to create brand loyalty and affinity by planning and executing memorable, immersive experiences

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Special Events

Plans immersive events for educational, corporate and other partners to share the university's culture

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Visual Media

Uses photography and videography to document the programs, activities, events and people of Texas A&M

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Social Media

Tells the digital narrative of Texas A&M and provides immediate, real-time interactions, one tweet at a time

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Web Services

Presents a unified brand across websites, with a focus on providing a user-friendly online experience