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The Division of Marketing & Communications partnered with PepsiCo to bring a limited-time special can of cherry-flavored bubly to Texas and Oklahoma, featuring the Aggies’ official campus greeting “Howdy!” on the can’s tab.

To celebrate the launch and drive excitement among Aggie fans, an augmented reality filter was created to allow Aggie fans to “pop the tab” and watch the Howdy bubly can come to life. 

The Howdy bubly promotion featured sandwich boards and digital signs around campus, digital advertising, an influencer marketing campaign, and an in-game video feature during four Texas A&M football games. 

Result: The campaign earned statewide media coverage and over 2 million social media and digital media advertising impressions. The AR filter has more than 28,000 uses, and the bubly video feature played before 99,000 Aggie fans attending the Texas A&M football games.

Collaborators: PepsiCo, Texas A&M Ventures